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High-quality manual translation suitable for professional or academic use

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We offer a range of exceptional translation services that will exceed your expectations.

Accuracy and Cultural Sensitivity

Harness the full potential of seamless communication with NiftyPower’s premium Chinese to English translation service. Our team of experienced linguists specializes in delivering accurate and culturally appropriate translations tailored to your specific needs.

Advanced Formatting Available

Sometimes documents will include graphics or multimedia materials. We are happy to make arrangements to satisfy the specific type of formatting you are looking for. We can even use create sophisticated, eye-catching graphics with the specific content you have in mind.

superior to machine

Superior to Machine Translation

Whether you’re translating academic documents, business materials, or personal documents, we ensure that every word is expertly translated with precision and attention to detail. Our manual translation process guarantees superior quality, free from the errors and inaccuracies often associated with automated translation tools.

Flexible Document Types

We handle a wide range of document types, including:

  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Terms Papers
  • Business Reports
  • Presentations
  • CV / Resumes
  • … and more!

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